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Evangelist Darrell Ratcliff

​​​​Missionary Evangelist Darrell Ratcliff, his wife Buffy, and their son Michael are serving as missionaries to the country of Mexico. Their precious daughter Alejandra lived for only twelve days and then went to the glories of Heaven.  They have written a tract about her life that has been used to reach many people for the Lord Jesus Christ.


Evangelist Darrell Ratcliff has preached the Gospel in other countries of the world, as well.  God has used him to reach multitudes of people with the Gospel.  He has held evangelistic campaigns with the purpose that people may know salvation through Christ.  He has helped to establish churches on the mission field to train more laborers for the Lord, teaching also in other churches about how to be more effective in evangelism.  He has authored several books, as well as produced videos and audio to help God's people to be more effective in their service for the Lord, as well as sharing the Gospel through these exciting projects.

God has used Evangelist Darrell Ratcliff in many churches, conferences, Christian colleges, and Bible institutes to teach, motivate, and challenge God's people to do more for the cause of Christ, showing them the importance of reaching others with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The desire and prayer of Evangelist Darrell Ratcliff for you is that God would richly bless you and use you in a great way to fulfill the commandment of our Lord, reaching more people for the Lord Jesus Christ.

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